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VR Space Wars

Simulation, Games, Space, arcade

VR Space Wars Description:
VR Space Wars is a first person virtual reality arcade, designed for Google Cardboard goggles and compatible. Enjoy one of the most immersive experiences ever.

A 360 degree VR war that you can play with your google Cardboard. Use the gyroscope of another mobile device to control and shoot your spaceship.

The most innovative game of spacecraft simulation.

Play and pilot as if you had the controls of a ship in your hands!

You need 2 devices to play:
* 1 will be the joystick.
* 2 Put it in your glasses of Virtual Reality, and enjoy the VR simulation.

Main Features:
• Intensive VR experience and simulation.

• Control your spaceship with another mobile device, (phone, Tablet, Android and IOS compatible), increasing the realism of flying a ship.

• Infinite waves of enemies.

• Designed for Google Cardboard, and any device compatible with the cardboard application.

• Cross platform platforms, Android and IOS (Cross Platform Mobile).

Enthusiasts of interstellar battles and simulation games, sharpen your skills and dexterity with VR Space War, flying an airplane has never been so real.

On the one hand, feel the driving in first person and with a 360º vision, as if you were inside the spaceship. For another it adds to the simulation of the joystick!

Immerse yourself in this unique experience, the most authentic flight simulation comes in this 2017 with VR Space War!

Download this app on 2 devices for free, and experience the new simulation and VR experience!

Headset support vrArse , homido , Lakento , VRelia , Durovis Dive 5 , H one , altergaze, Vr-park-II, Pico , bobovr , view master , vrizzmo , noon vr , vr shinecon , Letv LeVR cool1 , Cmoar vr , Zeiss vr one , freefly vr , fibrum , vr box , refugio3d , Gamingvisor , Viewbox , dscvr , virtualvizor , VR lens Lab , fove , opto , XG , Homebox, Evolo , headset Decals, share, flatvr , hifly , evomade, iBlue , Virtual Reality Headset , Lettv , ibaddy , Magic , riem , riem2 , deepoon m2 , vico , onebutton , Blitzwolf , afunta , andoer , baofeng mojing, Loop VR

VR Space Wars screenshot for Android
VR Space Wars screenshot for Android
VR Space Wars screenshot for Android
VR Space Wars screenshot for Android
VR Space Wars screenshot for Android
VR Space Wars screenshot for Android
VR Space Wars Require:
Require Android 4.4 and up
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