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VR Rollercoaster Simulator

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VR Rollercoaster Simulator Description:
Play this rollercoaster, theme android build games. In the theme park of amusement in noisy duck free extreme games. Play this rollercoaster mania rides in the mini games. This game is filled with a complete coaster ride mania experience in the heart of city amusement park theme, filled with the surrounding shops and markets, busy people and busy roads, all of them are waiting around you to take your turn and then as well as the experience in the roller ride is increased with the best fun of Virtual Reality environment, you will be having extreme fun in this crazy fun loving rollercoaster riding theme android coaster free extreme gameplay.

Celebrate this New Year and Christmas with a crazy roller coaster VR Simulator. Take a break from hectic routine and enjoy your holidays with virtual reality based Roller Coaster Simulator. Kit your VR glasses and start celebration. A Virtual Reality based game in which you can enjoy a complete tour of Roller Coaster. Reanimate your VR Games experience with a beautiful simulator with puts you on high fun every time you play it. Realize yourself in a Train that is running on a Rolling track. Sometime you may even scare because you will really feel like a Roller Coaster Slide, Sharp turns and Slopes.

You have to focus on the device screen while playing this amazing game. As it is a complete attention gaining game of joy and fun, the rollercoaster has many people on it, riding right beside you, and waiting for the ride to run round and round all over the tracks of steel coils, they are whirled and curled like the complete coil shaped track of coaster ride path, making it a daring and fantastic path of rollercoaster ride.

Get ready for this adventure of unlimited unending Virtual Reality world of joy, you are going to merge into the fun of VR Rollercoaster Simulator, as virtual reality is very close to the actual reality, it will automatically make you enter into the game play psychologically, if in the game you are going round and coiling, then in real life you will feel like you are actually going left or right or you are about to fall from your place.

Game Play:
• Fasten your VR Glasses and enter the world of Virtual Reality and run the game
• You must have Tilt / Gyro sensor in your device
• Put your device into VR glasses
• Calibrate / Focus your device into center
• Check for blurriness
• Use revolving chair or stand in open place
• You are free to move forward/backward and left/right just rotating on your axis
• Also visualize up/down view
• A real new year and Charismas celebration pack
• VR based crazy 3D Environment
• Gyro-meter based 360 degree freedom of rotation
• Compatible with virtual reality glasses
• Stunning 3D Graphics
• Real Sound effects
• Crisp, Cinema like, HD visuals
• No time Limit, unlimited play and fun

Download VR Rollercoaster Simulator and enjoy the unlimited of joy and fun. Share among your friends and have fun for the endless game. Rate this game if you find it amazing and check other apps and games from this account.
Have an amazing day with rollercoaster Christmas new year pack of 3D crazy VR environment stunning gameplay.

VR Rollercoaster Simulator screenshot for Android
VR Rollercoaster Simulator screenshot for Android
VR Rollercoaster Simulator screenshot for Android
VR Rollercoaster Simulator screenshot for Android
VR Rollercoaster Simulator screenshot for Android
VR Rollercoaster Simulator screenshot for Android
VR Rollercoaster Simulator Require:
Require Android 2.3 and up
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