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VR Cinema - CINEVEO Description:
CINEVEO released two more VR Cinema apps with new VR Cinema environments!

CINEVEO's 1960s Drive-in Movie Theater

CINEVEO's Ocean Movie Theater


CINEVEO is a super immersive VR Cinema experience for Android, with the most detailed and beautifully designed VR Cinema environments on the market. Experience total presence in VR, as you watch your videos inside a collection of ultra-realistic VR Cinemas with AAA graphics. Nothing comes closer to the real thing.


CINEVEO’s 4D Movie Theater is the most immersive VR Cinema experience for Android and loaded with unique features. The 4D Movie Theater can generate ambient lighting effects during movies. The ambient lighting creates an intense atmosphere inside the theater room. CINEVEO has multiplayer support. If you don't want to be alone in the cinema, you can populate the theater room with an audience made up of real CINEVEO users and see their head movements in real-time. This VR Cinema also has movie subtitle support and you can customize the size and shape of the cinema screen. Grab some popcorn, it's movie time!



• The most detailed and immersive VR Cinema experience on the market.
• No drift! Option to turn off horizontal head tracking to eliminate drift 100%.
• Plays your 2D & 3D video files (MP4, AVI, MKV).
• Supported audio formats (AAC, Vorbis, Opus).
• Plays 3D videos (SBS & Over / Under) with superb 3D depth perception.
• Movie subtitle support.
• Multiplayer audience. See other CINEVEO users sit with you in the cinema.
• Advanced dynamic lighting effects during movies.
• Switch between a curved and flat cinema screen.
• Innovative gaze controls and floating 3D interfaces.
• Integrated file browser to select and play video files from internal and external SD cards.
• USB OTG support.



A good mobile VR experience requires good hardware. CINEVEO is designed for high-end phones, which are equipped with low latency motion sensors and powerful CPU / GPU processors.

• Device: Samsung Note 4 / 5 / 7, S6, S7 (Best performance and visual quality)
• Screen Size: 5 to 6 inches (OLED display full HD 1080×1920 or higher)
• CPU: Quad-core 1,6 GHz or higher
• Motion Sensors: Accelerometer, gyroscope
• Android Version: 5.0 or higher
• VR Headset: We recommend Homido or ZEISS VR One

VR Cinema - CINEVEO screenshot for Android
VR Cinema - CINEVEO screenshot for Android
VR Cinema - CINEVEO screenshot for Android
VR Cinema - CINEVEO screenshot for Android
VR Cinema - CINEVEO screenshot for Android
VR Cinema - CINEVEO screenshot for Android
VR Cinema - CINEVEO Require:
Require Android 4.4 and up
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