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MyFit VR

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MyFit VR Description:
Time is precious! It is very difficult for most people to achieve their fitness goals as they simply do not have time to workout at a local gym. Instead of going to a gym, why not bring the gym to your home through the power of virtual reality.

MyFitVR is the all in one fitness application that will take you to your fitness goals! With a whole suite of workout videos, VR sports games, VR fitness activities, VR personal trainers and a VR cinema, MyFitVR is a must have for people who want to lose weight fast. Even if you visit a gym regularly, you can use MyFitVR to enter virtual reality environments! VR environments enhance your VR experience by placing you in direct competition with marathon runners, professional cyclists, sprinters and even fantasy dragons!

All you need is a smartphone that is compatible with the app and a VR headset for phones. You only need to run the application, place it into your headset and you are all set to go. The extremely user friendly VR menu is easy navigate and find the VR fitness experience that you want.

1- MyFitVR Sports Games
Using our motion sensor application "Fitness Move Detector", you will be able to play VR games like golf, cricket, baseball, soccer penalty kicks, football kicks and boxing games with hand motion. Experience... just like you are playing physically there. Each game will challenge your reflexes and help you burn calories while having VR fun.

2- 360 Fitness Videos
Play 360 fitness videos of real gyms and train hard! Now, your home can be your VR gym.

3- Fitness Guide
Annalyse your BMI by calculating your weight, height etc. and realize your actual weight according to your height... Fitness Guide let you know how much calories you should burn in a day to reduce over all accessive weight

4- MyFitVR Fitness Cinema
MyFitVR fitness cinema is designed to let you fully involve in real cinema world with physical training to enhance your real life experience while you are training... currently we have two classes for you:
a) Stepper Class - You will uses stepper machine to walk or run in a real cinematic video
b) Cycle Class - You will use cycle Machine to ride a bycycle in real cinematic video

5- MyFitVR Relax Mood
MyFitVR Relax Mood is designed to make you calm & let you enter in VR Peacefull environment... where you will sit and relax your self as long as you can... we have following Relaxing VR Environments
a) Garden
b) Beach
c) Desert
d) Night Outdoor
e) Forest
f) Snow

6- MyFitVR Fitness Dance
Boom with the music and burn calories! These VR dance lessons are designed to keep your feet moving. The more your move, the more weight you will shed!

+ User Friendly VR 360 Menu
+ Easy navigation
+ 360 Fitness Videos
+ Fitness Motivational Videos
+ VR Sports Games
+ VR Single Player Competition Games
+ VR Personal Training Videos
+ Fantasy Fitness Environments
+ Real World Fitness Environments
+ Realistic Mobile Friendly Graphics

+ Install MyFitVR app in your device
+ Install your device in MyFitVR Box
+ Experience VR 360 Menu
+ To select any tab - focus on the tab and wait for loading to complete
+ Install MyFitVR games from MyFitVR Google Play and play in MyFitVR App
+ If you want to play MyFitVR Sports Games - you have to download motion sensor application "Fitness Move Detector" from MyFitVR website...

Note: Please download and install the additional motion sensor app "Fitness Move Detector" in another android phone to play MyFitVR Sport games
Please visit our website for instructions http://www.myfitvr.com/app/

MyFit VR screenshot for Android
MyFit VR screenshot for Android
MyFit VR screenshot for Android
MyFit VR screenshot for Android
MyFit VR screenshot for Android
MyFit VR screenshot for Android
MyFit VR Require:
Require Android 4.0 and up
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